Quantum mechanics provides, to date, the most accurate understanding of the microscopic world of atoms, molecules and photons allowing them to be in the superposition of two different, perfectly distinguishable configurations at the same time. However, the macroscopic world that is before our very own eyes doesn’t seem to respect quantum rules. Why is that so?
TEQ addresses such a fundamental quest from an innovative standpoint, supported by a € 4.4M grant awarded by the European Commission. The TEQ partners will develop new theoretical models and implement a test of the quantum superposition principle on macroscopic objects to establish the ultimate bounds to the validity of the quantum framework, if any.

   Latest News and Activities

Activity - July, 2020

The workshop has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Activity - May, 2020

The meeting has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Activity - March, 2020

On March 13, 2020 experimentalists of TEQ Consortium will hold a meeting hosted by the University of Southampton to discuss updates on the experimental side of the project.

News - February, 2020

On February 5, 2020 the Smithsonian Magazine published an article exclusively discussing the TEQ research