May, 2022

In the frame of the bilateral cooperation between Aarhus University and University of Trieste, a talk on "Bounds to the coupling of bosons beyond the Standard Model to atoms through precise isotope shift measurements".

March, 2022

The purpose of the project, based on the researches and findings of TEQ, is to generalize the Noise-Gate approach also to measurement-based quantum computing.

March, 2022

The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts welcomed Brukner.

March, 2022

The experimental success of TEQ with levitated magnets has brought partners to win a 1m€ QuantERA 2021 Grant.

February, 2022

In Nature Physics' publication, TEQ partners from Queen’s University Belfast, University of Southampton and University of Trieste, describe the present status of the experimental bounds on collapse models,

November, 2021

TEQ partners have won an EIC Pathfinder grant to to demonstrate the proof of concept of a levitated acceleration sensor and its ability detecting gravity of small masses in the quantum controlled regime.

October, 2021

TEQ featured on the Italian newspaper La Repubblica with a longform article in the science section.

October, 2021

As per request of the project partners, the project has been extended till June 2022.

October, 2021

With the aim to make quantum mechanics more accessible to the large public, a set of short lessons was published.

September, 2021

TEQ explained by the New Scientist in a detailed report on news and views on recent quantum mechanics developments.