Working Packages

WP1: Trapping

Coordinator: M. Drewsen - AU

Construction of a low noise trap for NCs with properties suitable for a cryogenic environment;
Synthesis of NCs with tailored properties;
Robust loading of multiply charged NCs into the trap;
Quantification of heating sources and their effects on the trapped NCs.

WP2: Cooling

Coordinator: P. Barker - UCL

Development of low noise trap, detection and feedback electronics;
Determination of optimal detection and cooling strategies for trapped charged NCs;
Cooling of internal states of a trapped NC;
Understanding and control of sources of decoherence.

WP3: Testing

Coordinator: H. Ulbricht - UoS

Development of a low noise environment for the low noise NC trap with optical cooling in dilution fridge;
Tests of CSL noise effects on the motion of trapped NC;
Adapting the theory to experimental parameters to optimise the test of the quantum superposition principle.

WP4: Enabling

Coordinator: M. Paternostro - QUB

Set-up of a theoretical framework for the test of quantum mechanics at the mesoscopic level;
Design of experimental tests able to refine the framework of collapse models;
Investigation of macro-realism at the mesoscopic level through the experiments at the core of TEQ.

WP5: Management

Coordinator: A. Bassi - UniTs

Coordination of the project, for the achievement of the objectives.

WP6: Dissemination

Coordinator: A. Bassi - UniTs

Implementation of targeted dissemination and communication activities.