Prof. Drewsen (AU) gives talk in Trieste

May, 2022

On Friday 13th May, Prof. Michael Drewsen (Aarhus University) was hosted by colleagues at the university of Trieste for a talk on the latest developments of his teams' research. Michael Drewsen is a Full Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University. He is an Elected member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters and an Elected fellow of the American Physical Society.


Title of the talk:

Bounds to the coupling of bosons beyond the Standard Model to atoms through precise isotope shift measurements


By combining high-resolution spectroscopy of the 3d 2D3/2 − 3d 2D5/2 interval with an accuracy of ∼20 Hz using direct frequency-comb Raman spectroscopy with isotope shift measurements of the 4s 2S1/2 ↔ 3d 2D5/2 transition in all stable even isotopes of ACa+ (A = 40, 42, 44, 46, and 48), we have been able to carry out a King plot analysis with unprecedented sensitivity to coupling between electrons and neutrons by bosons beyond the Standard Model. Furthermore, we estimate that by improved spectroscopic techniques available, King plots based on data from spectroscopy on either Ca+, Ba+ and Yb+ ions should be able to produce sensitivity to such potentially new bosons, which surpass other current methods in a broad mass range of 10 to 108 eV/c2.


The seminar, that took place in the ICTP premises in Trieste, involved around participants from the Bassi Research Group, Italian and international PhD students, post-docs and researchers.