TEQ on Cordis EU research results

November, 2022

After 4.5 years of actitivies under the TEQ umbrella, we had the pleasure of being featured in a research result article by CORDIS EU Research Results. Prof Angelo Bassi, Coordinator of the project, was interviewed to explain what TEQ has been about and what research paths it has been able to open for the future.

The contribution of the TEQ project to some fundamental question has been to go beyond the current state of the art in quantum experiments. Quantum physicists have tended to look to see if an isolated particle displays the kind of wave interference mentioned above. If there is interference, then researchers can deduce that the particle has been in superposition.

The TEQ project team was also able to demonstrate the exquisite sensitivity of their quantum-powered innovation. This could lead to interesting new experiments in measuring new phenomena related to gravity.

The article can be found at Applying quantum mechanics to complex systems | TEQ Project | Results in brief | H2020 | CORDIS | European Commission (europa.eu)