TEQ on Italian newspaper La Repubblica

October, 2021

TEQ was featured in a long article on the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, written by the deputy director Mr Gianluca Di Feo. The article appeared in its online version on Thursday 21st October and in the Sunday paper edition on 24th October. The article covers some of the most known principles and problems on quantum mechanics through the work of TEQ’s PI Prof. Angelo Bassi. Moreover, the article explores some of the latest technological outcomes of the quantum mechanics studies such as quantum computers and sensors and quantum encrypted communication.

With 3.705.000 unique users per day on the website (January 2021) and 112.500 paper copies per month sold[1] , La Repubblica is the first online newspaper in Italy. This article represents a big success for the TEQ project as its scientific efforts are translated into a science popularization language and delivered to a very large general audience.

Link to the article: Oltre i confini della fisica: lo scienziato ribelle Angelo Bassi - la Repubblica


[1] ADS - Accertamenti Diffusione Stampa (adsnotizie.it)