TEQ's second Review Report

November, 2020

The TEQ partners have participated in the TEQ’s second Review Meeting on September 15, 2020 together with the PO and 3 assigned monitors. The meeting was held remotely. As a result, the Review Report came in and it makes us again very proud. “The contribution to the state of the art is significant, mainly to the field of levitated optomechanics, quantum sensing and quantum gravity. In general, TEQ contributes to fundamental physics and quantum technology. The scientific quality of the results from the project is very high" says the report. "The publication of project results in both theory and experiment in peer-reviewed, high quality research journals attests to their scientific quality", says the document about the TEQ publications. "The ongoing work is well aligned with the work plan", even though "there have been delays with experiments (especially WP3) due to COVID19. There is no impact on the 2nd period, but these delays expected to impact the 3rd reporting period.". Finally, the Commission states that "the project does scientifically very well and according to plan. There is no need for corrective actions.". We would like to thank the PO and monitors who have been very professional, involved and helpful throughout the process.